Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flowers & Landscapes for May 30th,2009

How would you like to do a painting similar to these..... then read on..........

Morning Class

This Floral was painted by Amy Stanek
Afternoon Class

This Floral was painted by Amy Stanek

I am soooooo excited about our Paint and Take Day set up for May 30th, 2009

I now have 3 Certified Bob Ross Instructors Amy from Minnesota, Donna from South Dakota and Karen from Nebraska coming for that day.

These paintings are Oil and we will be using the Bob Ross Technique

Our Paint and Take Day will start at 10:00 am and you can take either floral or landscape class and you will have a finsihed painting by 11:30 am then you are on your own for lunch In the afternoon at 1:30 pm we will start our second painting again you can take either floral or landscape and by 3:00 pm or so you will have completed your afternoon painting.

We will supply everything you need to complete each painting. All you supply is the Want & Desire (I want to )

You will also need to wear suitable clothing for painting in ( please wear old clothes so that if you do get a little paint on your clothes you won't panic) also you will need a old towel or sheet or paper to lay in your car for transporting your masterpieces home.

The cost of these classes are 1 painting morning or afternoon floral or landscape $40.00. Take both morning & the afternoon sessions ( any combination floral, landscape or floral, floral or landscape, landscape or landscape , floral) and the cost will be $70.00.

The classes will be in Arborg Manitoba at the Arena

To register your spot and which classes am or pm or both
also please tell Karen which paintings you are taking example landscape morning and floral afternoon

Please call Karen at the Arborg Bifrost Parks & Rec Commission
@ 204-376-5576 or

email Karen at or

mail your cheque to

Arborg Bifrost Parks & Rec Commission Box 555 Arborg, Manitoba R0C 0A0

Don't be Disappointed.......... Space is Please call early

Monday, March 9, 2009

Paint and Take Day May 30th 2009

on May 30th, 2009 I'm having 2 guest painters Amy and Donna and they are from the United States. they are both Certified Bob Ross Instructors in Floral and Landscape. You can join us and paint a beautiful flower or a landscape painting or one of each.

The day is going to be split into morning session and an afternoon session, and the room is going to split into a floral classroom and a landscape classroom therefore you can sign up for the morning session and take a floral class or a landscape class your choice and in the afternoon you can sign up for a floral class or a landscape class your choice.

Each class will take about 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours
the morning session will start at 10:00 am
and we will break for lunch ( you are on your own for lunch)

then we will start the afternoon session at 1:30 pm.
be sure to wear suitable painting clothes and bring an old towel or something to lay your paintings on in order to protect your vehicle.

the cost will be $40.00 per class or any 2 classes for $70.00

please pre-register by calling the Arborg Bifrost parks & rec at 204-376-5576

Each session will have a different painting so that's 2 different landscapes and 2 different floral

I will post the paintings as soon as possible

so come back and check it out.....