Thursday, April 10, 2008

my hiding spot

Well the old saying is keep trying, well.......... it didn't work........

I am posting this just to show you that I certainly need more practice......

oh well.

I painted this today April 10, 2008.

following instruction from the book it said for me to start with a black canvas. I was able to do that.... then it went down hill from there. so this will be an orginal I really can't blame anyone else, no-one else was here with me.....

Well here goes.... here it is.... don't laugh .... I guess I should follow the name My Hiding Spot and keep the painting
out of sight.

1 comment:

Sandi Berg said...

I think the cabin looks old and decrepid. It's perfect! LOL.

Your trees look good too.

I can see in the sky where you would probably like to see a bit of improvement but overall I think the painting's not bad.