Tuesday, September 9, 2008

my 30 minute painting

We have to practice to do a painting in 30 minutes so I did this, I know it's not great but hey it was done in 29 minutes.
Would you believe that I have sold 15 of my paintings so far? I was so excited when the first one sold, then I really got excited when a total stranger bought one, another stranger bought 2 and then sent a friend of hers over and that person bought 1.
I decided to set up my painting classes with a date and a place actually I set up 2 places and 2 dates, one in Arborg and 1 in Riverton, I have bookings for those classes as well.

I've painted other ones but didn't take pictures of them.

This one took a little longer about 45 minutes and I call it " My View"
I hope you can see it clearly enough.

1 comment:

Sandi Berg said...

It's quite fuzzy/blurry/foggy. I bet it looks quite stunning in real life!