Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our Jan16th morning and afternoon Painting Class

We had two classes today
our First Class was Blue Winter and
our second class was Walk Down Memory Lane
This painting is called Blue Winter and it was done with just two colors.
Their paintings just WOW me.
We had a brand new student and looking at all the paintings it's really hard to figure out which one it was.

Our second class
This is called "Walk Down Memory Lane"

My Students are so eager to paint that we painted two in one day, this is the second painting.

We had to set up at a different location but it was well worth it .

After setting up and sharing a bite to eat we got started at 5:45 pm and we completed the painting by 8:15 pm.

There were 2 never before painters and 1 that had her first in the morning, all 5 did a fantastic job as you can see for yourself.

We had a lot of fun painting this.

This is my Original. Walk Down Memory Lane

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Sandi said...

Wow! Such beautiful work by such talented students. Looks like you had fun! My favorite is the first style.