Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 1st Painting Day

Release the Artist in You

Although it was raining out it was a wonderful day.

As you know I had three classes today, each class had a different painting to paint.

My first class which started at 9:00 am had 8 students, out of the 8 students 5 were brand new never ever painted before students. The 5 students did such a great job on their paintings that you are going to have a hard time picking them out from the other ones, sorry, I'm not telling.

All thoughout the day all the students were just fantastic. What great talent they all have. I want to thank them for sharing that talent with me.


Here are the 8 students.

After stopping for lunch at 11:30 and resetting up for the next class

Our second class started at 1:00

we had 7 students for the second class out of the 7 we had 1 brand new never ever before
painted anything student and 2 that painted for the first time that morning.

This group of students were has fun as the first group and they were just as amazing with their paintings. Again it will be really hard to pick out the new person.

Here is the group of 7

After taking another break to reset up with fresh paint grab a coffee and sit for a minute, we were able to start the 3rd class at 4:15pm

We had 5 students in this group three of them have painted a few other times with me and two of them had painted the 2 paintings prior, ( so they are not never before painters, they are getting seasoned. LOL )

As you can witness they are great.

Well I thank you for taking the time to look at this Painting Day , we had allot of fun during the whole day.

All the students today were FANTASTIC, thanks for sharing your talent with me.

Come back and

Release the Artist In You

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Sandi said...

Wow! These are stunning paintings! Can't wait until I can try that last one. It's my favorite!