Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Arborg Classes 2011

here are the dates for Arborg Classes 2011

all classes start at 10:00 am sharp unless told differently
please wear suitable clothing for painting in bring yourself a lunch
contact karen at Arborg Bifrost Parks & Rec Com at 376-5576
email her at karen.abprc@mts.net

Jan.22 Saturday, floral painting

Feb 12 Saturday, Landscape Painting

March 5th Saturday, Floral Painting

April 2 Saturday, Floral Painting

April 16 Saturday, landscape painting

May 14th Saturday, it's an all day 3 paintings 1 floral and 2 landscapes

June 4th Saturday, Floral painting

June 11 Saturday, landscape painting

July and August nothing is planned

September17 th Saturday Floral painting

September 24, Saturday landscape painitng

October 22, Saturday Floral painting

October 29, Saturday Landscape painting

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