Saturday, March 1, 2008

Summer Get Away

There are two pictures of the same painting the second one i played with it in a program.

I had to lighten the photo in a program so that it would show up better. I had problems with the trees on the left hand side so I decided that a tree didn't grow there anymore and put in the shack and the path. I figure that if you are fishing there and it started to rain you would be able to run into the shack and keep dry... painted March 1st, 2008

later I played with this painting in microsoft picture it 07 thought it turned out pretty cool so I thought I would show you what I did, here it is.....

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Sandi Berg said...

NOt sure if I'd want to spend too much time in that little cabin! LOL I love how rusty and old the cabin looks, though. It feels like you could step right off that path and take shelter in the cabin!